O Level English Oral 2013

The season for the Oral Assessment is here! In a matter of days, most Sec 4 or Sec 5 students will be having their shot. Will you be the next perfect scorer?

Here are a two things which you might find useful to note:

O Level English Oral Passages 2013 may be very different from 2012 and before

This is because the trend is shifting away from the traditional approaches of assessment. In particular, it has been noted that students are getting better and better at meeting the criteria for Reading Aloud, hence the variety of the passages chosen will be of a slightly different variety. This is to separate the good students from the outstanding students.

This year's version does not include 'Picture Discussion'

It's not going to be so simple as to 'describe' the picture. Examiners are looking out for students who are able to hold a decent and intelligent conversation. Not everyday is sunday and similarly, not every Oral Paper is going to let you get away so easily with describing the picture.

Examiners are now looking for personal responses which are OUTSIDE the picture. Take note.

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How to improve my GCE O Level Results or my SEAB O Level Results

Well, to do that we can recommend 3 main ingredients:

1. Hard Work

You need to be determined to improve.

2. A good mentor

While practice makes perfect, you have to make sure you have a mentor to steer you in the right direction

3. Resilience in failure

Even if you do not succeed the first time, you must persevere!

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What is BBC Learning English

That's an excellent resource!

This organisation gives free resources and other goodies for teachers, tutors and students. Most of it can be found at their website.

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What should I bring for the O Level Examination?

You don't really need that much for the paper, just remember:

1. A good pen for writing (x2)

2. Pencil and eraser to write your points and ideas

3. Your IC

4. Lots of creative juices

5. Tons of concentration

... and you're good to go! :)

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Preparation for Argumentative Writing

1. Read the news and get yourself up-to-date with current affairs.
- Education
- Environment
- Mass media

2. Learn to use all your connectors well.

3. Learn how to write noun phrases instead of verb phrases.
The fire has destroyed the entire forest. X (can be argued that it is not valid)
The destruction of the forest has been caused by... (good sentence for argumentative essays)

Tuition for September Holidays!

The september holidays are around the corner! what better time to sign up for an incisive English class to improve your English grades for the coming exams?

This september, there will be a crash course making its way back due to popular demand.

Those who were on the waiting list since June will rejoice at the announcement that the Crash course will be held during the September holidays.

Therefore, students all around Singapore would be able to make it for this amazing English Tuition programme as it will not clash with their preexisting school arrangements.

According to the team, there will be limited places for the course, so sign up for it fast!

Therefore, tip of the day is: Sign up while there are still seats :)

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Do I need to bring a calculator for my class?

That's an interesting lesson. That would really depend on what you intend for the purpose of the calculator; as ridiculous as this question may seem

If you want to use it as a paperweight:

Then yes, you may bring a calculator to satisfy this purpose. Although almost any other object would be able to serve the same purpose. Like a water bottle for instance.

If you want to use it to compute numbers:

Wait. There are no numbers to compute here. The only numbers you would need to compute would be the word count for your essays. Other than that, you may want to leave the calculator at home :)

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The Best English Tuition You can get

At this juncture in time, good English Tuition is actually quite priceless. Because O Level Candidates are ranked based on the L1R5 and the L1 is irrevocably the subject of English. Therefore, the student who can secure an A for English will at a BIG advantage. Here are 3 things to expect from your English tuition class:

1. Powerful methods and exam strategies

English Tuition classes should cover exam strategies to give students an advantage for the exams

2. Time management methods

Everyone only has 24 hours in a day. Use it wisely.

3. Fun and excitement

Students at age 14-18 learn best when the lesson is fun and exciting

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English or Physics?

Being the L1 in your L1R5, please go for all your English tuition classes instead of physics if there are any clashes.

If you do not take higher mother tongue, then sad to say that you don't have a choice in your L1. Students may do extremely well in all their other subjects, getting an A1 for all their R5 subjects, but once they do badly in their L1 their L1R5 goes down the drain! :(

So please, do something about your English if you are weak at it.

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English Tuition may be the best thing you do for yourself

English is the Lingua Franca of Singapore. Therefore, it will always pay to be good and fluent in the language. If your English Language in not up to speed yet, here are 3 reasons to get yourself up an running:

Reason 1: Everything is English in Singapore

Singapore has one of the highest percentage of English-Speakers in Asia. What this means is that a proficiency in the language will open up many doors in future. Literally and figuratively.

Reason 2: Its Easy to ACE the interview when your English is Fluent

Let's face it, an interviewee who is more proficient in the language will automatically be perceived as more capable (even if it is not the case).

Reason 3: You get to read and learn other stuff faster

The higher your proficiency in the language, the faster you can read and comprehend. This is an immeasurable advantage when it comes to acquiring other fields of knowledge in the future.

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Past Year Papers a good idea?

Completing past year papers is a marvelous idea. It gives you a perception of what the examinations is like. Also it helps to build experience as though you are taking the examinations over and over again. However, you have to make sure you time yourself while completing the paper and to be strict with yourself when you mark it later on.

Pick out all your errors and learn from it! DO NOT make the mistakes a second time!

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What if English Tuition doesn't work?

This is a question commonly asked by students before they embark on a course to improve their English. And our answer is:

At least you tried.

You see, life isn't about what works or what doesn't. Life is about attitude. And the fact that you got up and signed yourself up for a programme already means that you are very different from the rest of your peers.

You are an individual who takes action.

And action takers achieve a lot more than those who just talk. Because you need to walk the talk.

Lets say, after attending a whole year of English tuition, your grade comes back a B. And your classmate walks up to you and gloats about getting an A despite not have any English Tuition.

What would you feel? Angry? Disappointed?

But then again, at least you tried. At least you gave it your best shot. And that is something to be proud of.

So always remember, all that matters is that you give it your best shot!

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Lessons which Classes will never teach you

There are things which we learn in the classroom and there are things which we learn outside the classroom. Today, we are going to share with you 3 lessons which cannot be acquire in the classroom

Lesson 1: You don't need a fake accent to be good in English

Don't bother with the fake accent. There are plenty of good English speakers who speak a like normal Singaporeans

Lesson 2: How you speak will be how you are perceived

Its superficial, but true. Many of times, people are judge based on how they speak. Keep that in mind for your next interview

Lesson 3: Vocabulary is a never ending pursuit

It is not possible (at least for most people) to acquire the knowledge of every single word in the dictionary. Unless you happen to be reading it on a daily basis. Therefore, English is something which you work on for the rest of your life. It's a never ending improvement :)

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English Tuition Assignments

Should Teachers give homework?

No matter how much homework a teacher gives, a student will learn the most when he or she is motivated.

Many times we've seen our peers writing essays after essays. However, we find that they are not improving at all. We later found out from our Trainer that if one were to keep writing essays without altering their mistakes, he or she would never improve no matter how many essays they write. These students would merely be replicating their grammatical or sentence structural mistakes in each of their essays.

Therefore, practicing is good provided that every essay you write is better than the previous one.

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How to fail

Too difficult to fail? Not so. It's important that we do not get overly complacent even if the results are good. Here are a few ways to sabotage your Grade:

Sabotage Method 1: Get complacent and stop learning

This is one good way to sabotage your O Level grade. Once you get the A, just stop learning! After all, what's the point?

Sabotage Method 2: Start writing really long essays!

Short essays are boring. Why not write an extremely long essay during the exams just for fun? After all, its not like you would make a spelling or grammar mistake, right?

Sabotage Method 3: Being late for the exam

Hey, English is too easy! what's a little challenge of LESS TIME to complete the paper?

These are 3 powerful methods to sabotage yourself during the Examinations

Of course, this article is drawing attention to the pitfalls of students ALREADY getting the A. For the most effective and fun O Level English Tuition programme, visit the main site.

How to keep yourself entertained in English Tuition class

Small disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages, injuries or embarrassment for the following discussions. Use at your own discretion. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your own actions :)

There are a few ways to entertain yourself in class.

Method 1: Passing messages by crumpled paper balls.

Tired of using SMS or whatsapp? use the old traditional method! Write your message on a piece of paper, crumple it up and throw it to your friends!

Method 2: The paper aeroplane

Bored of lesson? Improve your origami skills and learn how to fold the perfect paper aeroplane. Flights of 50m to 100m are not uncommon once you reach mastery level

Method 3: Tikam Tikam Erasers

Students played this game of erasers in the olden days where they would try to flip their erasers over each other in  order to score points! Extremely fun when lesson is boring!

Remember, you are 100% responsible for any consequences here!

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I don't like my parents signing me up for Tuition

3 reasons why your parents are painstakingly signing you up for English Tuition...

In fact, your parents know best and want the best for you...

1. They know the importance of English in the workplace and they want you to be proficient in it at a young age.

2. English is THE necessary global language

3. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required for all prestigious jobs.

Instead of rejecting Tuition altogether, why not find yourself a class that you enjoy being in and a tutor who inspires you to improve?

Think about it. :)

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What if I fail my English?

That's definitely a bummer. A worst case scenario in fact. Well, at point in time, there is no point in worrying about this. You have to treat this coming examinations as seriously as you would in any other circumstance.

Give it your best shot and don't worry about the results! It is still not too late to seek help for your English. In fact, this coming september holidays, there will be the highly anticipated Crash Course which you can attend to drastically improve your English grade. This is not something to be missed!

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Can people be naturally good at English?

Language is something that one masters. It is not inborn. Although some people may be able to pick up English faster than the rest, it does not mean he or she is born with it.

Your journey of becoming a good English speaker would require a lot of hard work. For example, one may attend Tuition to aid in his or her improvement. The people surrounding you do also play a huge role too! If you have an environment where people constantly speak good English, you would definitely be 'forced' to speak well and hence to improve. So, start surrounding yourselves with positive influence of English now!

I feel like sleeping in class...how?

The scenario of a bobbing head...drifting off to sleep in class can be a common one. Here are some ways which you can try to keep awake in your English Tuition class!

But a quick disclaimer: we are not responsible for any damages, injuries or accidents which may occur from the use of these methods.

Method 1:
Open and close your mouth rapidly! This stretches your jaw muscles and encourages more blood to flow to the head, hence making you more alert! Be careful not to dislocate your jaw on this one.

Method 2:
Flap your elbows like you are doing the chicken dance. Now flap it even faster! This may be a ridiculous sight to behold, but this method is used by many explorers to generate warmth in extremely cold environments.

Method 3:
Stand up. Standing up is one of the best ways to stay awake during the lesson. It is simply to easy to fall asleep while you are seated in your comfortable chair! Inform the teacher in advance that you would like to stand at the back of the class if you get too sleepy!

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The importance of English

The British first established the importance of English when they founded Singapore in 1819. Since then, English has been associated with the discourse of national identity and a marker of growth and development. In order to communicate with our colonial masters, who hold the fort in the judiciary and governmental positions, the demand for English grew, hence increasing its prestige.

In Singapore, the English Language is utilized as the medium of instruction in business, law and education. Due to the multi-ethnic composition of Singapore, the Standard British English our colonial masters introduced has been indigenised; producing a new lingua franca – Singlish (Singapore’s colloquial English). Some of the other languages affecting the English of Singapore comprise our National language – Malay, Dialects (such as Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese), Mandarin, Tamil and American English.

I hope this gives you a little bit more information about English and its origins!

Straight A students do attend Tuition. Surprised?

Some people feel that most A-standard students do not attend tuition classes. but the truth could not be any further.

First of all, Yes, it is true that there are students who get their As without attending a single English tuition class. But if you were one of these students, you wouldn't be reading this article right now ;)

There is a significant group of student who are consistently in the B/C grade, who attend specialised classes to boost their results. And the best part is, they don't reveal that they are attending tuition!

Therefore, if you happen to be in the B/C range of grades, English tuition will be able to give you a much-needed boost to an A grade!

If not, you may remain in the "Sticky" zone of B and C, just like most of the students taking the O Level Examinations.

Give yourself the boost fast!

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Don't sign up for English Tuition until you know this

If you are going to take the class, thinking its a cure for all your problems with the language, then you may be very wrong.

English is not something which can be improved overnight. It is a concerted effort over time. You have to make a conscious effort to improve your English.

Here are some tips to improve your grade over time:

Read widely. This sound almost too cliched but yes, read widely. Students who score an A1 consistently for English are know to read voraciously.

Improve your speech one word at a time. Try replacing the usual words which you use everyday. For example, instead of saying 'Good', say 'Marvellous'!

Practice writing more. Just write. And get feedback for your writing. That is one effective way to improve your writing standard.

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Is it really possible to improve after intensive Tuition classes?

Yes, definitely! Provided that you've gotten the right tips, strategies and secrets!

We're going to share some with you right now!

1. Build up on your vocabulary
2. Improve on organising your thoughts and how you write
3. Spell well!

All these can never happen overnight, even if you have an extremely high IQ.


All the best!

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What can I do during the September Holidays?

Attend various crashcourses and workshops! You may even want to try your hands on a new skill! :)

Some parents also start sourcing for Tuition for their child during the September holidays. This is the perfect time to catch up if you're still failing or doing badly for your English examinations...

We recommend attending the crashcourse held during the September holidays!

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English Tuition a waste of time

can English Tuition really make a difference to my grade?

Well, the answer is YES and NO...let us explain why...

It is YES if:

You believe that it works

After all, believing is the first step to truly achieving. The wright brothers BELIEVED that they could create a flying machine. Would they have embarked on their trials if not for their beliefs?

You are willing to do the homework

Lets face it, you need to put it effort for anything you want to achieve in life. The same goes for English, you can't expect for it to happen. You have to MAKE it happen!

You are receptive and open minded

True fact: There are techniques and strategies which you would never have encountered before. Therefore, if you have an open mind and you are willing to Learn, English Tuition will do you a lot of good.

For an O Level English Tuition which is truly worth your time and effort, visit the main site.

English tuition during the September holidays?!

Some students exclaim at that thought!

Well, put it this way, the september holidays were designated to give students a chance to catch up with the curriculum in school.

This is the perfect time for students to gain an edge for the exams!

There will be a Crash course coming up in September which we are all very excited about!

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I need help for English!

Be aware that not all classes are effective.

Find a good centre that best meet your needs. Whether you're a visual learner or a hands-on learner, you really need a class or teacher who can cater to your needs. 

We hope that you can find the right Tuition class!

My English Tuition Class Sucks! Help!

This is what we hear from many students and past students. And our advice...

There's no need to worry! Help is here!

You can register for crash course this september holidays to jump start your Grade!

From what we heard, its going to be 2 days of action-packed tips which will blow your mind. These tips are already used by countless straight-A students and they are meant to give you an edge for the coming o level exams.

Every once in a while, some of the alumni from the past batches (like us) head back during the crash course to share about our journey to A1!

This is a holiday crash course not to be missed!

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Can Tuition ever be fun?

Yes, definitely!

Throw away your grammar books and model compositions!

The best way to learn the language is through NOTICING.

Noticing how words are placed in a sentence and recognising errors in sentences.

A menu from Thailand:
Lemongrass, as well as friendly, he said
Lemongrass assorted transparent water
Lemongrass shrimp river water, he said
A clear water river shrimp lemongrass
Cook the chicken house kha
Boil the coconut milk frog sadness

We hoped you had a good laugh and have noticed the errors in translation!

To find out where you can have fun in O Level English Tuition classes, visit the main site.

You don't need Tuition

Or do you?

Here's a few reasons for you to join a class

1. Your grade is stagnant

If your grade is stagnant at a B or even a C, you are going to need to join a class to improve your English fast! After all, time is of the essence.

2. Your spoken English is subpar

This is concerning. Because a person's spoken English will usually affect his/her written form of English. You need to get help for this.

3. You don't usually read a lot of English fiction or non-fiction

Reading is the key to having a good command of the language and if you haven't been doing so, you are going to need some guidance on improving your Grade.

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What can I do to improve my O Level English Oral 2013?

As Singlish is common-place in Singapore, a student must know that it is not allowed in writing and speaking during the O Level Examinations.

Some things you may want to note for your Oral examination,
1. Read expressively
2. Do note your stresses (BIO-lo-gy is wrong, it should be pronounced Bi-O-LO-gy)
3. Pause during commas, fullstops and at the end of each paragraph


As most English Tuition do not cover the oral component of the O Level English Examination, should you require last minute help, visit the main site.

English Tuition for 1128 Syllabus

As we all know that this is the first year that the new 1128 Syllabus will be tested in O Levels, the Secondary 4 students must be really anxious to be the inaugural batch.

Many students have expressed their fears of the visual text section, the listening note-taking section, the editing section, et cetera. Do not worry! With good English Tuition and lots of practice, you will be improving heaps and leaps.

To find out which English Tuition caters best for you, visit the main site.

Forget your English Tuition! Go out and have fun

Some may say that this advice is ridiculous, but lets think about it...

Is going for English Tuition the way to improve your Grade?

Or is having fun a better way?

Our answer?


In order to improve, you need to learn and have fun at the SAME TIME! The best times of our lives are when we are having fun and learning at the same time. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to have fun at every single lesson? Participate in games and activities and yet still learn tremendously?

That sounds like a dream right? 

After all, if learning was so fun, everyone would be clamouring to stay back in school!

Think about it...can learning be both fun and educational?

For fun and exciting English Tuition where every lesson is a joy, visit the main site.

Where to find Cheap English Tuition?

Perhaps the better question to ask would be:

Where to find good and effective English Tuition?

We wouldn't exactly recommend "Cheap" Tuition per se... because, as the old adage goes:

Good thing no cheap, Cheap thing no good

Something which is cheap may not be necessarily Good. Cheap English Tuition may provide a substandard curriculum and may even harm your present English grade!

Be very wary when something is too "Cheap".

Worst, cheap English Tuition may involve a tutor who is actually poor in English! That, my friends, would be the worst case scenario.

Therefore, instead of being concerned about price, look for efficacy instead! English tuition which is good and effective will bring robust results. These robust results will pay off in the long term!

For an effective English Tuition solution to improve your grades drastically and fast, visit the main site.

When should I be attending English Tuition?

As we all know that English is a language that takes a long time to master, it is definitely better for one to gain help as soon as possible!

In classes, your tutor should be able to identify the areas you are weak in and to give you a boost for your English examinations. Additionally, guided practices and a teacher who marks your scripts will enable you to learn from your mistakes early!

As your school teacher would not be able to complete marking essays and comprehensions, English Tuition may be an option to help speed up your learning of the English Language.

The best time is NOW! All the best!

To find out how you can secure your place in an Elite English Tuition class, visit the main site.

Why do I always zero for my comprehension?

Comprehension passages are not only trying to test your comprehension and literacy skills, they test grammar too!


Thirty years later, in his small, cluttered workshop in Venice, an Italian inventor named Giorgio di Spina made the first pair of working, fashionable glasses.

Question - Where was the first pair of glasses made?

In order to answer this question accurately and to be awarded full credit, a student would need to know that his small, cluttered workshop in Venice is a noun phrase. Therefore, if a student left out any part of this noun phrase (workshop in Venice), he or she would not be awarded full credit.

So if you're always wondering why your answers are so similar to the model answer yet are still getting zero, we hope we've helped clarify your doubts!

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3 Myths about English Tuition

There are a lot of long-held beliefs about English Tuition which we feel are myths! here are 3 of them:

Myth 1: English Tuition can get me the A1

Hmmmmmmmm.......well, its call tuition and not MAGIC right? You can't expect the class to piggy-back you all the way to A1! you need to work hard yourself too :)

Myth 2: The tutor needs to be Caucasian ("Ang Moh")

You mean you don't see Singaporeans speaking good English? ;)

Myth 3: English Tuition is Expensive

It really depends what the word "Expensive" means to you. $1000 for a good laptop computer may be a fair price to you, but most would feel $1000 for a plate of chicken rice to be VERY EXPENSIVE.

The question should be rephrased to: Are you getting your money's worth?

Some say an A1 for English is priceless :) especially for the doors which a good O Level Grade opens...

For the most effective English Tuition programme and curriculum, visit the main site.

Avoid English Tuition at all costs!

This is what some parents exclaim. But is it true?

Well, it really depends on what your needs are although we can offer some tips on how to find good English Tuition:

The top 3 things you need to look out for:

1. Your mentor needs to have achieved an A for English before. You need a mentor/tutor who has been there and done that!

2. Lessons need to be fun and exciting. Most lessons are a drudgery and students simply hate them! How can you improve your English if you hate the lessons. You need to find a class where the curriculum is fun and enjoyable!

3. Learning orientated. Forget all those classes which give you tonnes and tonnes of homework! What you really need is a holistic learning experience... learning should be done in the classroom...not outside? The best classes are those where students learn important lessons during class-time!

To find out more about the most exciting and fun English Tuition lessons you can get, visit the main site.

Singaporean English Tutor v.s. Caucasian English Tutor

The group of us at OLevelEnglish.org believe that in order to improve in your English, you should seek an English Tuition that has a Singaporean Tutor. Though some may think that we should find a native speaker of the English Language, it may not necessarily be the case. Singaporeans speak good English too! In fact, do you know that Singaporean English Teachers are highly sought after by British and American high schools?

We do not need to speak English with a British or American accent to be proficient in the language. Be a Singaporean who speaks good English! :)

If you're looking for English Tuition with a good Singaporean tutor, visit the main site.

September Holiday English Crash Course!

The september holidays are right around the corner! However, do note that this is not a time to relax :)

This is a critical period for you to prepare for your coming examinations. Do plan your time wisely for this coming september holidays.

If there is still room for improvement for your English grade, sign up for a Holiday English Tuition Programme!

Such programmes are designed to help you improve in the shortest amount of time. And the best part is,  it does not "Eat" into your schedule as it is held during the september holidays.

There have been many amazing cases of students transforming their English grade during the September holidays. Are you going to be one of them?

To sign up for the most anticipated holiday English Tuition programme of the year, visit the main site.

What should you look for when searching for English Tuition?

Private English Tuition or Group English Tuition?
A general rule would be to go for which suits you better!

However, we think that for subjects like languages, humanities and social sciences, it is best for group tuition. Why? Unlike Mathematics and the Sciences, it would be good if you get to learn in a group and from other students. Discussions and sharing sessions will really give you more creative ideas and to see different perspectives from your classmates.

Think about it! :)

To join an English Tuition class and gain a competitive advantage, visit the main site.

English Tuition 1-to-1 or Group?

This is a common question asked by many parents. Here's a few tips on how to know which type of arrangement may work best for you...

You should engage in 1-to-1 when:

Your English standard is particularly below-par and you require serious help. If your current English grade is below C5, you would be in this category. This is because the reason for your poor English grade may stem from a plethora of factors ranging from vocabulary, grammar or even basic punctuations.

You should engage in Group English Tuition when:

Your grade is around B4 or above. At this stage, the fundamentals should be manageable for you. You would need to start looking at how OTHER students are doing in order to improve. If you were to isolate yourself with an old and boring private English Tutor, then you would be making a big mistake. Students hovering around the B4 grade need to get out there for more exposure!

To find out more about the most effective English Tuition programme, visit the main site.

Why private English Tuition may harm your child

Many parents look at English Tuition as a sort of panacea. But is that the way to look at it?

After all, is English something which can be "taught"?

Is English something which can be "tutored"?

These are all very important questions to ask before you decide to engage in a private English Tutor.

For all you know, doing so may prove to be counter-effective. We have heard of many "horror stories" where a student's grade actually deteriorated after engaging in English Tuition!

Do you know why this may be so?

Stay tuned to find out more.

To find out how you can get the most effective type of English Tuition, visit the main site.

Reading Aloud Your Essay

A tip for you, read your essay aloud after you've completed it.

Why read aloud?

1. When reading your essay out loud, your brain gets the information in a different way and you may notice things that you didn't see before.

2. For native speakers like us, reading out loud may be the most powerful proofreading techniques.

3. Reading your essay will also help you identify if your tone is right. Does it sound too chatty? Does it sound formal?

Listening your essay helps put you in a different perspective - more like that of your reader. So start reading aloud your essays too!

Meanwhile, it is a good way to practise reading aloud for the oral component!

More tips and tricks for the O Level English Oral Examination? visit the main site.

Some students are just better at English

or are they?

Most average students feel that some students are just born with an innate talent for linguistics, but is that true?

Here's something to think about:

Students who consistently achieve an A1 grade for English actually use methods and exam strategies which are DIFFERENT from what average students use.

Therefore the question to think about would be:

Is it the student or the method?

Well, we have good news and bad news.

The good news is that an average student can improve drastically JUST by using a different method or exam strategy.

The bad news is that most students are still trapped in the paradigm that a good English grade comes from an innate Linguistic ability.

So what are you going to act on today?

Think about it :)

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Reading is good for you

Indeed, reading IS good for you!

Reading does not only help improve your vocabulary, it also helps you gain exposure to a multitude of texts and writing styles. Though fictional books are great for leisure and entertainment, it may be wise to pick up non-fiction every now and then.

These books give you relevant information and may help you in argumentative and discursive essays.

For almost all the components of the English Examination, having prior knowledge of the topic tested will definitely give you an edge over your peers and would help you in answering the questions.

Newspapers are a great way to start! Start reading the front page of your newspapers now! Better late than never! :)

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The Secret to A1 for O Level English

"Fail Fast. Succeed faster"

Getting good at English is all about making mistakes fast... and learning from it. Most students just make mistakes and forget about it. However, good students LEARN from their mistakes!

Therefore, it isn't about avoiding failure. It's about getting through failure as quickly as possible. 

Ergo, if you want to get good at English fast, you are going to have to make as many mistakes as you possibly can with the time left. 

Some mistakes can include:

-Making a gross grammatical error in an essay

-Writing an out-of-point essay

-Making a serious spelling error

The list goes on. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make some mistakes!

What is personification?

Personification is when you assign qualities or attributes of a person to something that isn't a person or an inanimate object.

Personification can be utilized as a way to describe something so that others can understand. It can also be used to illustrate or emphasize a point. This literary tool is a favourite among writers of children books, as well as, Disney and Pixar films.

     My computer throws a fit whenever I try to use it.
     Time creeps up on you.

Try using these techniques in your essay today! :)

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A pen is mightier than a sword

Your pen is your sword in the upcoming O Level Examinations!

Make sure you get a good pen that is dark and reliable.

Do note that your papers will be sent all the way to Cambridge. You would want all your hard work to pay off, don't you?

Invest in a good pen or pens now!

Manage your time well...

Too many students spend too much time on their comprehension questions, leaving the last few minutes for their summary...

Should this be the way? I think not...

Manage your time well and ensure that you have enough time for your summary. It is 15 marks, a heavy percentage as compared to all your other comprehension questions (1-2 marks).

I hope this tip helps!

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Your English is doomed

If you do not practice intensively before the exam. After all, excellence come from practice. Your Linguistic muscles need to be flexed regularly in order to maintain their performance and efficiency.

In fact, it has been shown that we need to practice something for at least 7 times before it get deeply ingrained into our minds. 

So the advice of the day is: Practise, Practise, Practise!

What should I do the day before my exam?

Read my whole stack of notes and model essays and summary writing skill books and....

Seriously? No...

What you really need is a rest... Too many students try to cramp themselves out with notes and more notes... Essentially for writing, you need a clear mind for ideas to flow.

So, throw away all your notes the day before your big day! Do anything and everything but reading your notes. Go for a jog, a swim, watch a movie and relax. (Note: Reading is fine if it is for leisure and relaxation purposes)

Most importantly, sleep early! 10pm or earlier!

Free your mind...

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Be careful with your use of words - Connotations

In writing your summary as well as your essays, do note the use of certain words. Some words may have the same meaning, but they may have different connotations. Understanding the difference these words make is essential for every English writer and speaker. In certain circumstances, you may want to intentionally use a word that implies less positive; yet, you may want to circumvent using a word with a misleading or negative connotation.

For example, skinny vs slim

Both of these words may refer to someone who is lean. However, skinny may have a negative connotation as we think of skinny models strutting down the runway.

Similarly, in summary writing when you try to think of synonyms, do note of these nuances which may affect the tone of writing.


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The Worst thing you could do before your O Level English Oral 2013 Exam

Have you seen students reading before their Oral Exam paper?

Wait. Did you say READING?! Reading what?!

The Oral Exam is meant to assess a candidate's ability to communicate verbally. Here are some pointers to 'get into the zone' before your Paper:

Pointer 1: Get into a talkative mood

Talk to your classmates or friends and warm-up your 'talking muscles'

Pointer 2: Don't bother with any guide books at this critical time

Get into a relaxed mood. Do not get into a 'reading mode' just to kill time.

Talk. And Talk some more.

Keep this in mind for the coming exams :)

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Am I convincing enough in my persuasive essay?

In order to check if you're convincing and fulfilling the task for your persuasive essays, think of your essay as an advertisement.

An advertisement always aims to persuade their target audience to consume their product or services. Always assume that your target audience, the reader, has ZERO knowledge of whatever you are writing about. Ensure that you really explain each of your point and try to 'cajole' the reader over to your point of view.

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How to score well for writing?

As said before, the structure of your essay is of utmost importance whenever you are writing.

That being said, it is also important for you to make use of CONNECTORS so that your writing is clear and fluent.

Take note that different connectors are used for different purpose..

To show contrast, use:
- However
- In contrast to
- Whereas
- On the other hand
- Contrary to
- Although
- In spite of
- Despite

To show purpose, use:
- In order to
- In order that
- ...so that...

To show consequence, use:
- Consequently
- As a result
- Therefore

For exemplification, use:
- For instance
- For example

For addition, use:
- Additionally
- In addition
- Furthermore
- Moreover
- As well as

To show succession, use:
- Firstly
- Secondly
- Thirdly
- Finally

Examiners do look out for connectors in your writing, so make sure you use them well and accurately!

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Grammar Tip: Nouns

Nouns are words that are used to name people, places, things, events and ideas.

   Mary is happy.
   We are going to the Zoo.
   The frequency of the bus has not improved even after complaining to the person-in-charge.

Do not be fooled, some nouns may end in -ing.
These are called gerunds.

   The feeling we have is mutual.

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What is an exposition?

Expositions are meant to explain information and convey facts.

In the Exam, you will be asked two write either one of these two types of exposition:

No strong stand imposed
Forceful, and tend to impose a strong stand on the reader
Consider all sides of the issue
Consider all sides of the issue and argue vehemently for your stand
Relate facts and weigh them out evenly, proffering one’s own opinion on the matter
Relate facts and then refute ideas that do not support their view.

There, I hope you have a better understanding on what expositions are! :)

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You might fail your English if you do not know this

This sounds almost too basic, but every once in a while, there would be students who actually get the wrong time and date for their examinations.

Therefore, do remember to "double check" and "triple check" your O Level Exam schedule. You cannot afford to get this wrong!

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How to write a good exposition?

In exposition writing, structure is of utmost importance!

You need to write and separate your points clearly.

Always start your paragraphs with a topic sentence!

Then elaborate your point with the following:

1. Facts and Statistics
- geographical
- scientific
- historical

2. Personal Experiences

3. Comparison and Contrast

I hope this helps! :)

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Situational Writing Tips

In order to write a good Situational Essay, these are a few things you need to note...

Put on your thinking CAP!
Context – What is going on?

Audience – Who are we writing it to/for? Informal/Formal?
1.     General Public?
2.     Friend?
3.     Someone of authority?

Purpose – Why are we writing it?
1.     Convince and Persuade?
2.     Build relationships?
3.     Relay information?

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